The Old East Village is co-sponsoring a Town Hall Meeting with the Old East Village Business Improvement Area and the London InterCommunity Health Centre. The meeting is to be held Monday, October 7th from 7pm-9pm at Lorne Ave Public School.  As you may know, during the consultations about the potential closure of Lorne Ave PS, the LIHC suggested it might be able to purchase and sever a portion of the school to re-locate some programs there, subject to Lorne Ave remaining open.

The Town Hall Meeting is intended to provide the community at large an opportunity to ask questions and provide input into this proposal.  The OEVCA does not have a position on this proposal yet, as no details of the proposal have yet been confirmed, but we do support the gathering of public input on a decision this big and we will be listening as carefully as you are.

Lorne Avenue Public School Town Hall Meeting


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