The Old East Village is a vibrant and beautiful neighbourhood! It is positively buzzing with community in action! For ten years now, the Community Association has worked to support the special characteristics of this neighbourhood. It is a surprise and an honour to find myself serving as president of the OEVCA for the next two years. Thank you for placing your trust in me!


I’m nervous, but I know that I’ll be able to get by with a little help from my neighbours! You can set the tone for how you want the Community Association to function, and I will do my best to facilitate that.

I do not intend to be your shining leader and decision maker, but more so to function as a facilitator, a listener, a connector and a motivator! I will strive to keep this neighbourhood’s momentum rolling by listening to what people want and connecting people to the projects that are best suited to their skills and interests. I’ll be cheering us on and trying to keep us moving towards building the human connection and taking the local actions that are essential in positive change and social justice in the world at large.

Kristina Greenaway Courey

OEVCA President