What is the OEVCA about?

The OEVCA is a force for good in the community. We advocate at city hall, organize community events, and try to encourage participation in civic life. On this page you can check out some of our initiatives, as well as our administrative information like meeting minutes and bylaws.

Our Vision is:

To aid and empower residents of our neighbourhood through advocacy, education and community involvement in order to establish a positive and healthy relationship with each other and with our city.

Our Purpose is:

  • to promote, facilitate, co-ordinate, support or undertake activities that will enhance the quality of life and the local environment of Old East Village including but not limited to the following:
  • to bring residents together through social activities, educational opportunities and structured OEVCA committees and meetings so that the members of the community can build strong and enduring ties with one another.
  • to maintain the residential and heritage character of Old East Village.
  • to provide a vehicle for public participation in the preservation and enhancement of those unique qualities that have come to characterize Old East Village.
  • to work towards the creation of an Old East Village Neighbourhood Plan, a vision document that will identify and prioritize the needs of the neighbourhood and, through public participation, develop an Action Plan to meet these needs.
  • to advocate on behalf of the neighbourhood with the City of London for effective and timely bylaw enforcement and building standard monitoring processes.
  • to act without partisanship in the best interests of our community

Thursday October 8, 2020


Adelaide St. Underpass

Changes are happening on Adelaide St. and we're involved in making sure that our community has a voice.


Important documents including agendas, meeting minutes, committees, policies & bylaws, and letters of support

Dundas St. Infrastructure Improvement

We are keeping an eye on the Dundas St. Infrastructure Renewal Project and how this will affect the OEV. We encourage community participation in this project.

Greeting New Neighbours

The OEVCA greets new neighbours into the community. We have a program to deliver gift baskets with OEV related goodies, and are always interested in meeting people who are new to the neighbourhood.

Lorne Ave Park

We helped facilitate community involvement and consultation with the Lorne Ave Park Project

OEV Block Party

The OEVCA's biggest bash is the annual Block Party. Normally this is a street party with food and music, however this year because of Covid19 we delivered a block-party-in-a-bag to residents and had a virtual concert as well as a sidewalk chalk contest.

OEV Community Exchange

One of our partners is the Old East Village Community Exchange. They match up people in the community with the services and skilled people they need.

Traffic Calming

We want to make sure that our neighbourhood streets are safe and calm for all.

Winter Soiree

The winter soiree is a chance to chase off the winter blues and have a little fun in the middle of the wintertime.

Woodman Fund

When disaster struck, the OEV community rallied to help. The community association helped to organize the tremendous outpouring of support