Code of Ethics

(Passed January 2004)

The Code of Ethics consists of moral obligations aimed at upholding the integrity of the Old East Village Community Association and the dignity of the Members of the Association and residents of the area. It is designed to assist the operating efficiency of the Association as a whole and, more particularly, the Executive Committee of the Association in the interpretation of the aims and objectives of the community.

ARTICLE 1 – The first duty of the Association is to strictly observe this Constitution, Bylaws, and Code of Ethics equally and without regard to race, creed, colour, religion, ethnic orientation, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

ARTICLE 2 – The Executive Committee respects the confidentiality of all information relevant to the business of the Association, especially the membership list and other data collected as a result of the activities of the Association.

ARTICLE 3 – The Executive Committee shall carry out the affairs of the Association in a financially responsible and timely manner.

ARTICLE 4 – The Association shall be sensitive to the personal and financial needs of its members, especially with regard to membership dues, program/activity participation and registration in scheduled activities.

ARTICLE 5 – The Directors of the Association shall be circumspect in any remarks or activities that may have a direct bearing on discussions or decisions undertaken by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE 6 – The Directors of the Association will be circumspect in their remarks or activities concerning the genuine attempts of other groups or organizations to resolve problems, and will attempt to reach solutions through negotiation and compromise.

ARTICLE 7 – The Association is prepared to help new community groups and
associations who might request advice and resources to become successfully established.

ARTICLE 8 – The Directors of the Association will be forthright in the conduct of its affairs.

ARTICLE 9 – The Directors of the Association will act and conduct business in a manner which cannot be construed as being for the financial gain of any individual or group from within the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE 10 – The Association will hold regular meetings and Directors will
conscientiously attend such meetings.

ARTICLE 11 – Meetings of the Association will be conducted in an orderly manner according to accepted protocol.

ARTICLE 12 – The Executive Committee of the Association will maintain complete, accurate and up-to-date records of its business. The chair of each Standing and Special Committee will also maintain complete, accurate and up-to-date records of the activities of that Committee.

ARTICLE 13 – Each Member holding office within the Association serves as a role model within the community. All such Members will conduct themselves in a proper manner, sensitive to the needs of the community, observing and upholding the rules of the Association.

ARTICLE 14 – The Association recognizes that Old East Village, as a core residential neighbourhood, is composed of people from across the socio-economic and ethnicdemographic landscape. At all times, the Association will be cognizant of the needs of all residents and will act with tolerance and respect towards all segments of our population.


Date: Sunday November 29, 2020

Author: jen