Ghosting in the OEVCA

It’s October, and that means we’re kicking off OEVCA Ghosting! No, it’s not a time to leave text messages unread, instead it’s a time to have fun with your neighbours and spread some of the Halloween spirit.

To participate, print out at least 2 copies of the poem included in this post. Then put together two little bags of treats. When it gets dark, drop each bag of treats and each poem in your neighbour’s mailbox or leave them on their porch and ring the doorbell. It’s supposed to be an anonymous surprise though – so make sure to scamper if you see them coming!

If you’ve received a ghost, make sure to post the poem on your door or in your window so that everyone knows that the ghost has visited you!

Here is a pdf of the poem for printing:


Date: Sunday October 2, 2022

Author: jen