Lorne Park Construction Update

On November 2,2020 members of the Lorne Park Development Group meet with Julie Michaud, Landscape Architect with the City of London and lead for the Lorne Park project. Julie provided a progress update on the state of current work and work to be completed. Discussions are ongoing about an official springtime opening of the park in compliance with COVID-19 regulations.

As a result of the meeting, on November 4,2020 Julie circulated an email to all of those who had participated in park planning meetings and
requested updates. Please see below. You can also check out the City of London Get Involved web page for regular updates.

Items Targeted for Completion

Discussions about a mosaic mural for the park are ongoing with the following items are targeted for completion:

ABC-123 Signage and School Bell: Corrections were made the the ABC-123 signage, and will be installed with the school bell in the
week of November 2, 2020.

Site Furniture: Benches, lounge chairs, bike racks and waste receptacles will be installed in the spring of 2021 or sooner, depending upon supply chains.

Insect Hotel: Material is being collected and stored for the
Insect Hotel. The Installation of materials into the
hotel is planned for the spring of 2021.

Enbridge Utility Box: (Please see photo below). A wrap will be installed around the Enbridge Utility Box that is located in the park. The wrap is a photo of the original school building with The photos are courtesy of Victor Aziz Photography. Victor senior took the photos of the Lorne Avenue school (1967) .Victor Aziz, junior attended Lorne Avenue School.

Gardens, irrigation system and obelisks: Seeding of the rain garden will occur after a (sustained) frost. Installation of pads to accommodate porch seating and gardens around the seating plus an irrigation system will be installed as part of the English Street Infrastructure renewal project. Bases will be built to support the installation of two Obelisks along the English Street section of the park.

Update Email from Julie Michaud

November 4, 2020:

Good morning,
You are receiving this email as you have signed up for updates at one of our previous community meetings on Lorne Avenue Park. As you know, we had hoped that Lorne Avenue Park would be ready to open this fall. While
grass seed has been planted, the grass is still in the very early stages of germination and growth. During this time, it is important that all foot traffic is restricted to ensure healthy growth. To limit damage to the grass, staff will keep the park space fenced off for the remainder of the year, which will delay the opening until spring 2021.

We know that Lorne Avenue Park is important to this community and we apologize for the delayed opening. Come spring 2021, the grass will be well established, and Londoners will be able to use all the new park amenities.

Thank you for your continued patience through this project. We look forward to the spring when the community can enjoy Lorne Avenue Park.

Thank you,

Julie Michaud, OALA, CSLA
Landscape Architect, Parks Planning & Design
Parks and Recreation Services
City of London

267 Dundas Street, 3rd floor, London ON N6A 1H2
P: 519.661.CITY (2489) x 2357 | Fax: 519.963.1483
jmichaud@london.ca |

As part of our ongoing efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, the City of London has made changes to many City services. Visit our website for the latest information about City services and COVID-19.


Date: Tuesday November 10, 2020

Author: jen