October Update on Woodman Relief Efforts

Dear Neighbours,

As you are aware, since Aug. 14th, your community has come together in a profound way. We’ve seen neighbours supporting one another practically and emotionally as they work to rebuild and move forward, the site has been adorned with wooden hearts as a physical representation of the care and concern neighbours have for one another, and financial donations have been made by individuals and businesses concerned about your well-being.

As you may be aware, so far these donations have been utilized to provide support to those displaced from their homes. We have, however, set aside a portion of these funds for those not displaced beyond the initial evacuation, who have also suffered damages. In order to assist us in distributing these funds we are asking those of you who have suffered damages to provide us with a summary of the costs incurred.

This summary can be provided by completing the following online form at the link. Paper copies of this form are also available for pick up and drop off at Lifespin. (You can also see a copy of the Request directly below this update). Please note the Lifespin office is open from 9:30am-4:30pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and is located at 866 Dundas St. Volunteers at the free store will not be able to receive or distribute forms. Please ensure all requests are received by November 13th to ensure a timely distribution.

This forms and documentation submitted will be reviewed by a small committee formed by the OEVCA and your personal information will be held in confidence by the members of this committee unless otherwise permitted or required to be disclosed by law (ie. In the case of a tax audit).

Thank you for your patience with us as we have taken on this endeavour. It has been so inspiring to hear the stories of resilience, of community and of kindness that have followed such a tragic incident. You continue to be in our thoughts. Any questions can be directed to woodmanfund@oevca.ca.

Be well,

Your Neighbours


Date: Saturday October 19, 2019

Author: jen