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Passed January 2004

1.0 Name

1.1 The name of the organization shall be the Old East Village Community Association.

1.2 In this Constitution, unless the context otherwise requires, “OEVCA” or
“Association” means the Old East Village Community Association.

2.0 Area

The operations of the Association are to be carried on chiefly in, and in respect of, the community of Old East Village, which is located in the City of London. Old East Village is bordered to the north by the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks at Central Avenue, to the west by Adelaide Street, to the south by the Canadian National Railway tracks at York Street, and to the east by the western boundary of the Thames Valley District School Board property on the north side of Dundas Street, and by the CN/CP feeder lines at the Kellogg plant on the south side of Dundas Street.
(AMENDED: April 2010, September 2017)

3.0 Vision

The OEVCA will focus on aiding and empowering residents of our neighbourhood through advocacy, education and community involvement in order to establish a positive and healthy relationship with each other and with our city.

4.0 Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to promote, facilitate, co-ordinate, support or undertake activities that will enhance the quality of life and the local environment of Old East Village including, but not limited to, the following:

(i) to bring residents together through social activities, educational opportunities and structured OEVCA committees and meetings so that the members of the community can build strong and enduring ties with one another.

(ii) to maintain the residential and heritage character of Old East Village.

(iii) to provide a vehicle for public participation in the preservation and
enhancement of those unique qualities that have come to characterize Old
East Village.

(iv) to work towards the creation of an Old East Village Neighbourhood Plan, a vision document that will identify and prioritize the needs of the
neighbourhood and, through public participation, develop an Action Plan to
meet these needs.

(v) to advocate on behalf of the neighbourhood with the City of London for
effective and timely bylaw enforcement and building standard monitoring

(vi) to act without partisanship in the best interests of our community.
Old East Village Community Association

5.0 Annual Statement of Purposes

In addition to these general purposes, the Executive Committee at or near the beginning of each year shall adopt by majority vote a broad statement of Association goals for that year; and no later than the second General Meeting of the year, the President shall present said statement to the membership for debate, amendments if any, and adoption by majority vote.

6.0 Ancillary

Purposes additional to the foregoing and ancillary thereto, the Association shall have the following powers, said powers being alterable, namely:

(i) to receive funds and assets to apply in furthering the purposes of the
Association; and

(ii) to enter into any contracts or arrangements with any person, corporation or institution which may further the purposes of the Association; and

(iii) to do all other things which are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the purposes of the Association.

7.0 Personal Financial Gain

The affairs of the Association shall be conducted so as to promote the purposes of the Association, and the Association shall not carry on any activities for the purpose of the personal financial gain of members. The provisions of this paragraph shall be unalterable.

8.0 Conflict of Interest

No member holding elected political office within Federal, Provincial or Municipal governments may continue to hold elected positions within the Association. Members standing for election to political office within Federal, Provincial or Municipal governments may continue to hold elected positions within the Association. Once the member has declared for elected political office, it is expected that the member shall not participate in those particular discussions having to do with the election for which the member has declared his or her candidacy.

9.0 Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Association shall end on December 31st.

10.0 Amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws, and Code of Ethics

10.1 Any member may propose an amendment to the Constitution, Bylaws, and Code of Ethics at any General Meeting of the Association. If such an amendment is endorsed by three other members not related to the member proposing the amendment and twice seconded, then the specific language of the proposed amendment shall be placed in the Old East Village Community Association form of a Special Resolution, advertised in the Notice of Meeting of the next General Meeting and shall be voted on at this next General Meeting of the Association.

10.2 Such amendments shall receive the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the votes cast at a duly constituted General Meeting of the Association.

11.0 Dissolution

Upon the winding up or dissolution of the Association, and after payment of all debts and liabilities of the Association, the remaining property of the Association shall be distributed or disposed of within one year to such organization or organizations with similar purposes in the City of London, as may be determined by the members of the Association at the time of winding up or dissolution, provided that each such organization is either a registered charity or a qualified donee recognized as such by the
Canada Revenue Agency to be qualified as such under the Income Tax Act of Canada from time to time in effect.

Date: Sunday November 29, 2020

Author: jen