Have you heard about the OEV Community Exchange Project?

Hello OEVers,

We hope you are well and staying safe.

In these times of physical distancing, building upon community connections and support is more important than ever – people are echoing this on the news, on social media, and in other ways. Continuing to build the Old East Village Community Exchange so people can come together, when they can’t really come together, seems timely. People are looking for things to do from home, looking for ways to stay connected, and looking for ways to support each other. Residents and local businesses want to support each other now and during our recovery stage. Each one of us can assist by actively (and virtually!) engaging with our neighbours.

Please check out the Old East Village Community Exchange Project website at . Here, you can learn more about how the site can help OEVers to exchange skills and help each other through this unique time. You can create or add to your profile to share the skills and abilities that you can offer to assist your neighbours. You can also look for neighbours’ skills that you can utilise now and in the future.

We can use the Old East Village Exchange website to help our neighbours now, such as running errands (groceries and prescriptions) or sharing tips about life at home including recipes and activities with kids.

When the time comes for us to be able to physically connect again, the website can continue to be a neighbourhood tool that can assist people to know more about their neighbours, the skills and gifts they have to offer, and make it possible for us to offer additional business and support to each other. Please check out the project website at, also find us on Facebook at or Twitter at If you have questions you can email us at

We can help each other now and get ready for the future, while celebrating and supporting all that we currently have in this great neighbourhood!

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Date: Sunday May 24, 2020

Author: jen

Western Fair District Market Requests Volunteers

Notice from the Old East Village Community Association

Re: Western Fair District Market

Late Notice Request for Volunteers

The Western Fair District Market is requesting volunteer assistance to manage COVID -19 hygiene and social distancing protocols at the market on Saturday March 21, 2020 and Sunday March22, 2020.

If you are available to help, and not in an “at risk” category, this is an opportunity to support our local businesses while they endeavor to keep us supplied with fresh food.

Volunteers Required: A total of 6 volunteers, 2 per shift are required to cover three shifts. These are:

  • Saturday March 21, between 8am and 12pm – 2 people
  • Saturday March 21, between 12pm and 3pm – 2 people
  • Sunday March 22, between 10am and 2pm – 2 people

Duties: Volunteers will be located at the West entrance to welcome customers and direct them to the closest hand sanitizer station upon entrance and exit.

Safety and Equipment: Volunteers will be supplied with masks, vests, gloves and people counters. The Market has secured trained screeners for the Market on Saturday and are waiting to hear if the screening service is available for Sunday.

Contact: To volunteer please contact Mr. Dan Ross, Market Manager, at Copied to


Date: Monday March 16, 2020

Author: jen