Social Justice

Social Justice Protest to Take Place This Saturday

Right now, protests for social justice for people of color are happening all over the world. This includes a protest in London Ontario on Saturday June 6 at 3:00pm in Victoria Park. This protest is being organized by the London Ontario chapter of Black Lives Matter. More information about these protests can be found can be found on the Black Lives Matter London’s Instagram or Black Lives Matter – London Ontario’s Facebook

A Facebook post describes the roots of the organization: “We are a local group of 5 young black women who came together following the BLM protest in Toronto. Being inspired by this, we wanted to bring one to our city here in London, Ontario.”

According to CTV News, Mayor Ed Holder has said that the city of London is “working collaboratively with the organizers of the march”. The Middlesex Health Unit is going to have a presence to help ensure that there are supports in place to reduce the risk of spreading Covid19 during the protest. Steve Williams, London’s Chief of Police, has said “We are there to listen, and a lot of our officers are supporting these protests as well.”

These protests highlight the need to amplify the voices of people of color who are frequently not heard or ignored.


Date: Wednesday June 3, 2020

Author: jen