September Update on Woodman Relief Efforts

Following the Woodman Avenue explosion on August 14, community partners, volunteers, and residents in Old East Village have been working to support families affected by this event.

Old East Village Community Association, who is overseeing the Woodman Families Fund, is dedicated to ensuring that families’ privacy is respected as they continue to recover from this traumatic event. The information below provides a summary of funds distribution:

Initial Distribution

Families most impacted: Short-term financial assistance of $2000 was provided immediately following the incident to the residents who were most severely impacted and displaced from their homes for an extended period of time.

Other families evacuated: Individuals and families who were evacuated from their homes on the evening of August 14 were offered $250 in cash support, to cover the immediate costs associated with the evacuation (replacing food, purchasing goods required in the first 24 hours). Some families donated this support back, desiring it to go to those most in need.


The OEVCA is currently distributing $160,000 to the residents most impacted. After meeting with these residents, it was decided through consensus to distribute the funds via a formula which took household composition into account and respected the privacy of each household with regards to their specific needs. A small portion of the fund is being held back to assist other residents that have also suffered loss. These funds will be released on an as needed basis and the process for distributing these funds is still being determined. Any remaining funds will be distributed amongst those most affected using the initial distribution formula.

OEVCA wishes to extend profound gratitude to the remarkable generosity of donors whose outpouring of support and love have helped their fellow Londoners through this difficult time. Finally, to all the volunteers who have and continue to extend a hand during this recovery process: thank you. Your kindness is a reminder of what community in action looks like. We also wish to extend our gratitude to Lifespin, Libro Credit Union and the London Community Foundation for lending their support and expertise to our community with this endeavor.


Date: Saturday September 14, 2019

Author: jen