Current Initiatives

What Have We Been Up To?

Hello Members and Friends of the OEVCA,

While the pandemic has limited the opportunities for us to get together personally from time to time to conduct our business, your Association has not been idle since our last AGM.

Representatives of the OEVCA have been busy in the redevelopment of Lorne Ave Park as we try to make this park an integral and useful public space for the enjoyment of our fellow residents. We will remain involved as we move forward to the next phase(s) of this long-term plan.

The Association also supported residents along English Street as they successfully worked with the city to balance the need for on-street parking with the creation of a bike lane during the recent reconstruction of the street.

We’re also collaborating with the City and representatives of our sister neighbourhoods – Woodfield and Picadilly – as well as with the Clay Arts Centre, on the public art component of the pending Adelaide Street Underpass, scheduled to begin this year.

Our indefatigable Secretary has also undertaken a full rewrite of the Association website at

Speaking of the Adelaide Street Underpass, the Association will be in consultation with the City in order to get a fuller understanding of potential traffic impacts to the neighbourhood, and ways in which these impacts might be mitigated during the two-and-a-half year construction period.

Queen’s Ave is scheduled for a “shave and pave” in 2022. The City will be taking this opportunity to reconfigure the westbound Cycle Link route running along Queen’s Ave. Once we see the design proposal, we will keep you informed and provide opportunities for your input.

Should you have any questions, we would be glad to answer them at


Date: Friday January 21, 2022

Author: jen